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Victor Aparicio

Victor Aparicio

Associate Writer at Blackbird Journal
Victor Aparicio is a Journalism major at Fresno City College. He has been living in Fresno all 21 years of his life and this is starting his second semester at the Rampage. He learned he loved writing since he was in middle school and always wanted to improve since. Growing up playing video games and listening to inspiring music, Victor became creative, thoughtful, and goofy and even began a dream of working at IGN Entertainment as an editor on the PlayStation team. His other interests include drawing fun little doodles, singing on walks home, video producing, a bit of photography and technology. You can usually find this young man outside the FCC Student Store around noon, tell him hi.
Victor Aparicio

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#1 – New Final Fantasy game

Almost three months ago, the now former president of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada stepped down and his replacement, Yousuke Matsuda, called for an entire company review. Meaning that he and other executives are only funding projects that deserve it. A year before that, the quietly developed Final Fantasy game, Versus XIII, has been defended on its status by Wada. Suggesting that the game was still in development and an in-game city was awesome enough to “knock you on your feet.” Rumors between then and now say that Versus XIII has gone through a rename and is now a numbered entry to the series, Final Fantasy XV. The same rumors tell that game even moved to next generation platforms. While a lot can happen in a year, my speculation can be a justified as much as a far miss. Square’s “Future of Final Fantasy” event on Tuesday, June 11 can tell us which is right.

#2 – Next gen console prices

This generation, Sony and Microsoft are going all out. The PlayStation 4’s 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM and fancy light-up touchpad controller, as well as Xbox’s new bundled Kinect and spunky three OS softwares are the few of many reasons these consoles could cost you your savings. But these companies are smart and learned from past mistakes that high cost of entry leaves you dead in the water. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida made a note to mention that PS4’s familiar processors instead of the PS3’s proprietary Cell architecture “allowed us not to invest to create dedicated factories … in order for us to provide an affordable price to consumers.” Personally, I don’t see anything under $300 bones. The sweet spot for both companies are more around $350 to $450.

#3 – Vita fights back

Sony’s PlayStation Vita had it rough. Despite a good amount of games at launch, ultimately the overall price of not only the system, but a pretty much required memory card and your first few games. You’re looking to drop well beyond the $250 price point. Add that with the lack of games post-launch and it’s understandable why no one took the bait. Though, with some bundles, nice games and firmware updates later, The PS Vita is finally starting to look appealing. Sony is going all out for indie support for the handheld and even teasing an “amazing big title” that will can players “hooked for hours a day.” Support for the system is even being see indirectly as the Vita can remote play all PS4 games that don’t make use of the PS4 eye camera. For E3, Sony announced that 40 games will be shown for the Vita, PS4 and PS3. I can’t wait to see the home-run hitters.

#4 – The foreshadow of the Wii U

Sony’s twin stick handheld isn’t the one one struggling. Nintendo loyalist are starved for any support for the newest console, The Wii U. With arguably the most confusing console launch ever, consumers new and sometimes old could not even distinguish the difference between the predecessor, Wii, from the big U. Most thought the Wii U’s gamepad was just an addition to the current Wii. Now recently, Nintendo told fans that they will not be presenting a press conference like years before. Instead they will be hosting the usual Nintendo direct presentation during the show as well as have their games on the show floor. I’m hoping this is to space out the announcements they have, which is hopefully a lot. The Wii U needs the titles to make it enticing. Here’s wishing the marketing for the Wii U gets heavy before the holidays. Everyone is excited about Super Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Zeldas and all first party games but the hardcore can only make up so much of the huge audience the Wii had and they have yet to understand what a Wii U is. Nintendo’s second screen console is an awesome idea to me and I don’t want to see it become the Sega Dreamcast.

#5 – Watching Microsoft fixing their cred

Xbox One is required to connect to the internet every 24 hours to function. The new Kinect needs to be plugged in at all times too. The only bright side is at least the Kinect doesn’t record anything it hears. But have fun loaning your games to your friends or trading in games to buy more games, because that’s restricted too. This is the confused impression Microsoft left weeks after their Xbox One reveal. worse is that they sprinkle advice and answers that still don’t fully explain everything. But they did say they’ll answer more throughout E3 week. With Microsoft’s press conference being all about games, this is something that needs to be taken care of. But if this tweet from IGN’s Ryan McCaffery is any indication, things just might stay this way.