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Troy Pope

Troy Pope

Editor-in-Chief at Blackbird Journal
Age: 28 Troy Pope was born in San Francisco, Calif. in 1984 and moved to Fresno at the age of four. He graduated from Buchanan High School in 2002, finding his love for creative writing through the years. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Fresno City College Rampage and has an associates degree in journalism.

We go into E3 every year hoping that our dreams aren’t dashed by underwhelming announcements and by games you dream about but will never surface.  I’ve been playing video games for 25 years, and with that experience comes high expectations.  Here is a list of my top five expectations from E3 2013.

#1 – Genuine successors to great series’

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are releasing HD versions of classic games. Microsoft is releasing “Fable Anniversary,” Sony is releasing “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX,” and Nintendo is releasing “Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” on Wii U.

That’s all well and good, but how about some new games?  Where the hell is “Kingdom Hearts 3” Sony? Square Enix needs to s**t or get off the pot with “Final Fantasy Versus 13” since it’s the game that is supposedly holding up  production on the third installment of the series.

Fable” and more notably, “Fable: The Lost Chapters,” was a fantastic game. It’s sequel, “Fable II,” was very good as well, but since then, “Fable III” and “Fable: The Journey” were mere shadows of the franchise’s former glory. I’m looking for “Fable 4,” or rather “Fable: Xbox One Edition.”

Wind Waker” was a great Gamecube game, but I would much rather a remake of “Majora’s Mask.”  Even more, I’d really like to see what Nintendo can do with Zelda in high definition.

These are all pipe dreams as far as E3 goes, but I can always hope.

#2 – Sony to stop being bad at everything (Except Games)

Sony has made a ton of great games. However, the PS3 itself left much to be desired from a programing standpoint. Microsoft has been making software since I was born, but Sony is new to the game in the big picture. The only way the Xbox One can improve upon Microsoft’s trademark awesomeness when it comes to user friendliness and games running well, is if it has competition in the dashboard.

The PS3 fell flat with its interface, user friendliness and even a lot of buggy games that ran better on the 360. Problems like that help nobody but your competition. I want to buy my PS4 and have it make me think that I have no need for an Xbox One, even though I’ll still have both.  You make great games Sony, but let’s work on your system’s detailing and performance.


#3 – Where’s “Dragon Age 3”?

Although Mass Effect is a more compelling Bioware series, Dragon Age is the first game series to affect me emotionally since Sora stabbed himself in the heart to save Kairi in “Kingdom Hearts.” The relationship quest and their ability to get you emotionally involved in the outcome of the protagonist’s family is unparalleled.

Dragon Age 3” has been confirmed for 2013, but will it be delayed to be on the PS4 and X1? I just want information. Bioware, give me information!


#4 – Don’t make me pay to play (Microsoft)

Microsoft is a money whore. Stop it Microsoft.  The first major thing that Sony got on Microsoft was the innovation of Playstation Plus. It was a subscription that was not necessary to play games with your friends or to use the apps on your system like Netflix and YouTube. And what did we get in addition to be able to use the functions we already paid for with the cost of the game and the console? Not one damn thing. Sony had it right, encourage people to subscribe with reduced priced and free games.  If I have to buy Xbox Live to use these basic features that we should be given just for paying the money we already spent, I think I’m going to skip Microsoft for this generation and give my money to Sony.


#5 – Games Games Games

Microsoft wowed us with the capabilities of the Xbox One, but greatly disappointed us with the lack of games they showed at their console unveil. I don’t care about sports or Call of Duty. I’m not a part of the “bro” scene and I want good quality games, not the annualizable garbage that gets forced down our throats every year.

Sure, I’m a Netflix fanboy, and I like all the other stuff they can make my consoles do for me, but I really want to see what gaming experiences I can immerse myself in in my room with the lights off.  If the new consoles come out and I still chose to play Skyrim instead, there’s a problem with your game lineup.